Advice on care

General advice

Claudia Fida gave general advice on care and information regarding pedicure in Die Ganze Woche magazine (issue no. 20, 2013). You can download this article as PDF here. (in german)

For diabetics

Pedicure and footcare

Clean your feet daily (clean with lipid replenishing substances, dry well, apply cream – not between the toes!)

  • Check your feet daily (using a mirror if necessary)
  • Go to a specialist for professional care regularly
  • Have your feet checked by a doctor specializing in diabetes
  • Choose your shoes carefully
  • Do not walk barefoot to avoid injuries
  •  Foot gymnastics


If you suffer from neuropathy, choose your shoes and insoles particularly carefully, and make sure the water you use is neither too hot nor too cold. As you do not feel as much as before due to damaged nerves, you have to make sure you are doing only good things to your feet!

If the skeletal structure of your foot changes, you may need custom-made shoes made by an orthopedic shoemaker.

Early diagnosis

Thanks to our long years of experience, regular further education and good cooperation with several medical doctors, we know how important prevention is. Early diagnosis may minimize or even avoid unnecessary long-term consequences such as foot deformation, wounds, ulcers or amputations.

However, we cannot accomplish anything without you!