Examples 1

Here are a few examples of cases treated successfully at Claudia’s Pedicure. When client, doctor and pedicurist work together, we can manage a wide range of problems.

We thank our clients for allowing us to take these pictures and use them online.

Of course, we also treat healthy feet and help them stay healthy for as long as possible. Not all the feet we treat have such serious problems. Yet we want to show that we also have experience in such cases. If your foot looks like one of these examples, do not hesitate to come by.

Diabetic’s toe  before and after Example 1: Diabetes

Diabetic’s toe after non-professional treatment. Some untreated lesions; nail tips have grown into the flesh. The wound was oozing, and proud flesh had formed.

Right: Toe after bloodless removal of nail corner and wound dressing.

Diabetic’s toe 2 weeks after treatment

Diabetic’s toe 2 weeks after treatment

The same toe after 2 weeks of check-ups and re-dressing.

Present result. The client is pain free.

We continue checking up every 3 to 4 weeks. Thanks also to the client’s doctor for her good cooperation!

Proud flesh before and after treatmentExample 2: proud flesh

Ingrowing toenail with severe inflammation and proud flesh.

Right: toenail after 6 applications of silver nitrate and subsequent removal of dry skin using a wet file. The ingrown nail corner was removed, and the client is pain free.

Pressure sore on splayfootExample 3: pressure sore

Pressure sore on splayfoot

Before pedicure: Splayfoot with severe pressure sore. The client was in pain, with oozing inflammation under callus.

After pedicure: Callus was carefully removed using a scalpel and a wet file, then the lesion was dressed, and a pressure protector was applied. We advised the client on proper care. She comes regularly and is 100% pain free.

Ingrown toenailExample 4: Ingrown toenail

A young client suffering from persistent pain in spite of 3 weeks pedicure.

The same nail after 1 year of 3TO brace. Beautifully straight, clearly wider and pretty – just in time for summer! 😉

Injured toe

Example 5: Injury

This lady got injured abroad.

After a few treatments in cooperation with her doctor, the worst is over.

Ingrown convex nail with braceExample 6: Ingrown convex nail

First picture: Ingrown convex nail that has been painful for years, at the beginning of therapy with 3TO brace.

Nail without brace after therapy. Pain free, straight and beautiful.

Treatment took about 1 year. The brace was re-adjusted every 6 weeks.