Examples 2

Pressure sore with callusExample 7: Callus

The foot of an elderly lady. Due to faulty foot posture, blood is entering the callused skin, causing severe pain.

The foot after pain-free callus removal.

The lesion was dressed. Later, a pressure protector was applied. Regular treatments considerably improved this lady’s quality of life!

Nail after illnessExample 8: Artificial nail

Nail after illness. This nail will not grow back normally, causing psychological problems.

Almost finished artificial nail. After French pedicure, nobody could tell this nail is not natural.

This artificial nail will stay in place for 2 to 3 months, depending on use conditions.

Nail after injuryExample 9: Nail injury

The client almost lifted her nail plate by hitting a hard object. The wound could not heal and kept opening again and again.

We carefully lifted the nail. Thus the lesion could dry and heal.

After several dressings and 2 weeks of pressure protection, the toe is not causing pain any more. A new nail is slowly growing.

CornExample 10: Corn

A corn, not treated for several months.

The client was in severe pain. Even her knee and hip starting hurting as she malpositioned her legs to avoid pain.

Right picture: corn after first treatment

After 2 more treatments, and after the client herself applied cream and wore a pressure protector and new orthopedic insoles, the corn is gone.

Heel with wartsExample 11: Warts

Heel with a few warts

We support tincture treatment by removing callus. Warts will dry off over time.

Nail with Gorkiewicz braceExample 12: Gorkiewicz brace

The nail of a young, athletic client.

He is highly irritated by the shape of his nail, which sometimes also gives him a discomforting feeling of pressure.

After application of a Gorkiewicz brace. It is sealed using acrylic and even allows playing soccer.