Examples 3

Nail is too longExample 13: Nail is too long

This nail is too long and too straight. Obviously, inflammation already reaches deep down under the nail.

We removed the nail tip and rounded it smoothly. Then we disinfected the toe and dressed it. It will be necessary to come by for a check-up.

InjuryExample 14: Injury

This client hurt her tow. She was in pain for months, the wound was inflamed and oozing.

After 3 applications of silver nitrate solution and removal of nail tip, the nail got visibly better. Now the client is pain free.

Proud fleshExample 15: Proud flesh

Left: Toe of a 15-year old after a few silver nitrate treatments. Right: After pain-free removal of dry superficial tissue (former proud flesh).

The black color of the nail will be filed off at the end of treatment.

InjuryExample 16: Injury

This wound was self-inflicted.

Right: Toe after 2 silver nitrate treatments, on the mend.


Below: For comparison, the first and the last picture of the painful corner.

After some silver nitrate treatments and nail corrections, the client is back to normal.

Injury on the mendExample 17: Injury

This nail plate was damaged through injury and started lifting.

We prepared an artificial nail and treated the nails using Striplac. The client could fully enjoy her vacation.

Proud fleshExample 18: Proud flesh

Another good example: Proud flesh is clearly reduced after only 1 silver nitrate treatment.

Pressure sore in the course of treatmentExample 19: Pressure sore

This client had several lesions and extreme inflammation.

After weekly treatments, carefully removing the callused edges, carefully redressing and giving her care advice, the pressure lesions have shrunk considerably and will be closing very soon!

Corn after first treatment Example 20: Corn

Removal of a painful corn. Immediately, the client was almost 100% pain free. He came back after 3 days for a pressure protector.