Ortho-Schuh GmbH is one of the most modern orthopedic shoemakers in Austria. Using Digiscans etc. for measuring and gait analysis, and vacuum technology for preparing Aktivdynamik® insoles, they make sure customers get top quality and perfect fit both for everyday activities and sports.

Dr. Babak Adib

Our skin doctor for all your problems.

Dr. Babak Adib in the 5th district. He is friendly, his office has all the modern equipment you may expect, and you don’t have to wait long for appointments.

Licence to chill

Beautiful feet need a healthy body. Did you know that the origin of your back pain may be located in your intestinal tract? That pain in your left shoulder may be a symptom of gastritis? That spinal disc problems may be related to food intolerances? Silke Neuhaus of PRAXIS LICENCE TO CHILL will take care of your health and wellbeing with all her heart.

Dr. Günter Sokol

There is no sharp line between the scopes of pedicure and medicine. Dr. Günter Sokol is our partner and specialist for diabetic clients.

Dr. Roland MeizerDr. Roland Meizer

More often than not, orthopedics and pedicure are intertwined. Dr. Roland Meizer is our competent partner in such cases. He offers a wide range of pain therapy options, and clients can get appointments rather quickly.

Dr. Gerhard Lindeck

If we find a medical problem, we may refer you to dermatologist Dr. Gerhard Lindeck.