Pedicure and manicure

We offer hygienic manicure and pedicure for healthy and diabetic feet according to DCO (DiabCareOffice Vienna) standards in a friendly atmosphere to help you stay healthy.

Classical pedicure

We offer the full range of pedicure treatments in a friendly atmosphere. If you wish, you can also have a short massage, and we have a wide selection of nail polish colors to choose from.


  • Footbath
  • Removal of hyperkeratoses (calluses)
  • Professional removal of corns
  • Proper nail cutting
  • Care of unguis incarnatus (ingrown nails)
  • Cutting of nail mykoses (nail fungus)
  • Cutting of onychauxis (thickened nails or clubnails)
  • Skincare
  • Counselling and advice

Fachgerechte Pflege durch geschultes PersonalDiabetic pedicure

Diabetes is a disease that starts without any major issues, therefore it may go undetected or may not be taken seriously for a long time. This may lead to considerable later complications, particularly in the foot area.


  • Medical history (diagnosis of foot condition)
  • Short footbath
  • Treatment is similar to classical pedicure, but will depend on foot conditions
  • Foot pulse check
  • Diligent counselling and advice, free check-ups any time!

Podologic pedicure

Podologic pedicure is the perfect treatment of both healthy and sick feet according to the highest standards of hygiene.

For podologic pedicure, instruments are additionally sealed in sterile packaging to make sure they are 100% germ free!

Of course we use only sterile blades fresh from the package for all our clients.

Single use paper towels are state of the art. We clean foot tubs, floors and chairs etc. after every treatment and disinfect them using the stipulated amount of disinfectant.

Of course we use new gloves for every new client.

Our basic understanding is that our customers trust us that we treat them well, and we do all we can to justify our clients’ trust!


  • Medical history
  • Footbath
  • Treatment is similar to classical pedicure, but we exclusively use disinfected and sterile sealed instruments.

Toenails with gel, French Look

We cover your toenails with high quality materials to give them a fashionable French look. Enjoy beautiful, well pedicured feet for weeks without having to polish nails again and again!

For your hands and feet!



  • Filing, cutting and shaping nails
  • Hand bath
  • Pushing back and probably removing cuticle
  • Care
  • Nail polish if you wish

If you want, we can give your hand with a relaxing hand massage.


We clean and disinfect our instruments after every treatment using an ultrasound bath and the respective prescribed disinfectant (made by Ruck). Then we store them in an UV Box as required.

In addition, all instruments contaminated with fungus or secrete will also be put in an autoclave for complete sterilization.

Home visits

If it is too difficult for you to come to us, we will not let you down. We are happy to visit you at your home in the 5th and 22nd districts (and in neighboring districts upon request). Our qualified staff has experience in care for the elderly and people with disabilities, we will visit you at your home and will bring all the necessary equipment.

Target groups

  • Ladies and gentlemen of all ages
  • Youth
  • Children
  • Athletes, dancers etc.
  • Diabetics and patients having coagulation disorders
  • Patients with walking problems (home visits)
  • Patients with foot conditions (pain, hammer toe, hallux valgus, pressure sores, fungus, blisters, callus, broken skin, …)
  • Diabetics having chronic or fresh lesions (cooperation with a doctor is necessary!)