Orthoses, nail braces and fake nails

Streckorthese bei HammerzehenOrthesen

We offer orthoses protecting against friction and pressure, all made to measure. We also offer perfect care of hammer toes, digitus varus (toe malalignment), and corns. In addition, we make artificial toes after amputation.


  • Presentation of options
  • Preparation of cast
  • Polishing of orthosis
  • Try-on of orthosis and testing for a walk
  • Check-up to re-polish any pressure points
  • Another check-up after a few days

Nail braces

Immediate help in case of ingrown, painful, deformed nails. A nail brace is somewhat similar to a dental brace. Improving the position over time, it is a gentle alternative to surgery.


  • Pedicure, if necessary
  • Nail correction and cleaning of nail fold
  • Application of brace to nail (depending on the model)

Duration of treatment

The duration of brace treatment depends on the severity of nail deformation. The brace has to be changed or re-activated every 4 to 8 weeks.


  • If you feel pain, please call immediately.
  • If the brace falls off, please keep it.
  • Please support therapy by observing high hygiene standards and wearing proper shoes.
  • If an inflamed ingrown nail starts oozing or requires frequent application of creams, adhesive braces may not last that long!

Artificial nails

Two component short resin may be used as artificial nails if the nail plate is severely damaged due to injury, mycosis or growth abnormality.